Sunday, September 09, 2007

Montreal LASA Transmissions

Body exhaustion, forgetting to eat, meeting new people, loving the nametags, waking up too early, going to bed too late, networking, giving out my card, taking down their information, wishing I went to more panels, making good friends, the kind you want to keep around for life, sending too many text messages, using my phone as if Im not going to pay international fees, getting intellectual feedback, from people I admire, encouragement to go in school, to get a PhD or MFA or just to be me, to be a writer, Support to publish, letters of recommendation to publishers, conviviendo con nuevas compaƱ heart, mind and body are full of love and light.

I get back late tomorrow night. Today is my last day and first day of actually getting to know Montreal more than just being at a conference. I have so much to tell but more than that I have so much to do. MC

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