Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chapinas Unidas

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From: Chapinas Unidas
Date: Sep 27, 2007 11:23 AM

Looking for you !

Soon after C.U. organized its first event in March of 2007 where four womyn gave amazing testimony of their survival and strength, we did a radio interview with an all womyn radio program in Guatemala City. The radio show, Mujeres al Aire/Voces de Mujeres, received many phone calls with people wanting to hear more about Los Angeles. The truth is, with so many family members that have immigrated, many times to L.A., people in Guatemala wanted a connection to the city. And so Mujeres Abriendo Caminos developed.

CU and MAC began to work together in March of 2007. It has been 6 months, and since the beginning it has been clear that more womyn's voices need to be heard. From L.A. to Guate and beyond, MAC has been hosting our own radio segment every wednesday morning live from the Chapinas Unidas Office in Mac Arthur Park.

Past stories include:
- Interview with parents, students and principal of Charter School Semillas del Pueblo
- Yolanda Santuario and the Sanctuary Movement
- Aydee, a woman whose mother was deported 40 years ago retells her story of growing up in L.A. with her mom only as close as Tijuana.
- Interview with students from the Week long hunger strike with college students demanding immigrant rights from congress
- Interview with two 16 yr old mujeres and their experience within MS 13.

There are many womyn's stories that go untold. Chapinas Unidas and Mujeres Abriendo Caminos has been committed to tell stories of strength, survival, realities, imagination, and inspiration. Would you be interested in helping to capture these stories and have a space, an outlet where others can listen to them via RADIO ?

We need radio journalists so we can tell even more stories. Pondered at the thought before ? Not to sure what it looks like but you're open to learning ?

Radio Broadcasting
Hosting and Interviewing
Radio Production
Using Media to tell our stories...

With history lived daily, and endless possibilities, the stories to be told are infinite.

Interested? Have Questions? A Story ?
or send us a message.

Even if youre not based in L.A., technology exists to bring our voices together.


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