Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somos Medicina Announcement

International Women’s Day & Women’s Herstory Month
Celebration & 11th Year Anniversary

March 8th, 13th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 29th, 30th
All events at
Self Help Graphics & Art
3802 Cesar Chavez Avenue, East Los Angeles, CA 90063
(unless otherwise noted)

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 15th, 2008) --- The women of color art collective Mujeres de Maiz presents “Somos Medicina,” a month-long series of intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary art events celebrating our 11th Anniversary and 6th poetry and arts publication, in honor of International Women's Day, and Women's Herstory month; Seven events, One group exhibit, all happening throughout March 2008 Free and open to the public at historic community cultural center, Self Help Graphics & Art, Inc. (unless otherwise noted). For more information, please call (323) 359-6288 or visit http://www.mujeresdemaiz.net.

This monumental all woman production will be showcasing multi-media art, musical performances, independent films, along with holistic health workshops, and a roundtable discussion. Chicana veteran artists, community leaders, and emerging artists will be highlighting themes on women artistry, spirituality, native traditions, their relation to the earth, and urban reality.

The over 30 artists in the group show represent generations of the Chicana art movement, ranging from the indigenous focused work of Self Help Graphics co-founder and artist, Linda Vallejo, to the the politically and spiritually charged work of Yreina Cervantez and Celia Herrera-Rodriguez, both exhibiting artists in “CARA,” the ground breaking exhibition of Chicano art that is arguably the most important Chicano art exhibit of the last 20 years,

Different from both “CARA” and many current exhibits of Chicano art, “Somos Medicina” highlights the generations that have not been discussed since the prime of the Chicano art movement and its wonder years, and brings forth the women and Queer artists, so often overlooked in many of these “his”-torical exhibitions. This exhibit also highlights the “Generation X “and “Mex “ of women artists and their expressions being born from the Chicano art movement and moving forward to build a movement of their own.

This important exhibit is accompanied by a month-long series of events with all-women performers, poets, film makers, rappers, dancers, and theater artists coming together to honoring women’s herstory month and commemorate International Women’s Day in solidarity with millions of women across the world on March 8th and throughout the month.

The exhibit which opens on Saturday, March 8th at 5pm, is followed by a free live performance by women performers. A special Artist talk is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26th, with a who’s who of Los Angeles Chicana intergenerational visual and multi-media artists in a rare conversation, as these women of various generations come together to share stories, experiences, and visions.

A selection of the performing artists for the month-long series of events all listed below include; Las Manas, this generations all female spoken word collective representing the Bay area, as well as international spoken word artist and award winning poet, Gabriela Garcia Medina, and veteran Chicana poet Gloria Alvarez. Music and song performed by young women punksters, Mystery Hangup, Chicana indigenous M.C/rappers, Cihuatl-Ce, Guerrilla Queenz, and Lady Binx who hails from Texas; and women’s drum collective, recently debuting their CD, In Lak Ech. Also included in the series of events, a fresh theater performance by Teatro M3, the Queer Raza performance art of Butchlalis de Panochtitlan, and women of color film makers, Aurora Guerrero, and Claudia Mercado, and the Chicana gitana flamenca dancer and maestra, Briseyda Zarate. These not-to-be-missed performances, including artists, dates, times, and events are listed below and at http://www.mujeresdemaiz.net.


Gallery Opening: Sat. 3/8, 5-7pm

"Somos Medicina" visual and multi-media art exhibit highlighting women artists. "In the spirit of our ancestors we are facilitating the creation this space/exhibit where there is dialogue about the contribution of women’s work to the decolonization and healing of our communities and selves." Invited artists include those whose work speaks of the political as well as spiritual alternatives to Eurocentric and patriarchal worldviews; embracing the "Medicina," the medicine that exists within all of us. Exhibit also open during our month of events and 3/15 and 3/22 (12-4pm).

Exhibiting Artists: Barbara Carrasco, Binx, Brenda Quintero, Carmen Kalo, Celia Herrera-Rodriguez, Dalila Mendez, Elena Esparza, Faviana Rodriguez, Gina Aparicio, Joanna “Mixpe” Ley, Lilia Ramirez, Linda Vallejo, Lucy Castro, Margaret Alarcon, Maria Castillo, Marisol L. Torres, Maritza Alvarez, Melanie Cervantes, Nayeli Guzman, Ofelia Esparza, Poli Marichal, Rachel Thorson-Veliz, Sandra de La Loza, Sara Margarita Martin, Sugey Salazar, Susana De Leon “Timoi”, Womyn Image Makers, and Yreina Cervantez.

Live Art Show with teatro, dance, and performance art and song. PREMIERE of Limited Edition Full Color Mujeres de Maiz 'Zine.
Performances by: Las Manas (Bay area), Briseyda Zarate, Cyn da’Poet, Butchlalis de Panochtitlan, Xaris, Yei Tecpatl (San Jose), Deema Debis in collaboration with Lynnix, Gabriela Garcia Medina, and In Lak Ech


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Somos Medicina-in Los Angeles

A Month-Long Series of
intercultural, intergenerational, interdisciplinary
ART Events

*Celebrating our 11th Anniversary, 6th ‘zine publication,
International Women’s Day, and Women’s Herstory month*

March 2008 in East L.A.

Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG),
3802 Cesar Chavez Ave. LA, CA 90063
unless otherwise noted.

Event Explanation and Artists Involved

VISUAL ART EXHIBIT: March 8th-29th
Visual and multi-media art exhibit themed “Somos Medicina,” highlighting women artists and their spirituality, specifically those who carry on traditional/native/indigena ways.

Exhibiting Artists will be some of those who paved the way for the new generation of Chicana artists and the emerging generation also— A NOT TO BE MISSED EXHIBITION!

Live Performance Event Sat. March 8th
Live Art Show with dance, teatro, and performance art. **Limited Edition MdM ‘Zine available HERE**
with: Teatro Crew (Las Tres M’s), Las Manas (Bay Area, featuring: Cruz, Maya & Milta), Fire Dancer Poets, Yei Tecpatl (San Jose), In Lak Ech, and more!


POETRY NIGHT: Thurs. March 13th
Hosted by Cyn Da’ Poet
With Poets: Lilia Ramirez, Alejandra Sanchez, Lenux, Deema Debis, Xitlali, Marisol Crisostomo-Romo, and more!

Film night Fri. March 21st
Womyn Image Makers presents a night of films by women of color, curated by WIM.
Platica to follow with the filmmakers.

Self-Defense Workshop Sat. March 22nd 11-12:30pm
Instructor: Cati de los Rios (Karateka, High School teacher)
This workshop provides a safe space for women of all backgrounds, ages and sizes to learn the appropriate self-defense techniques and enable them to survive and escape the dangers in their everyday lives.

Mujer Mercado/Holistic Health Workshops Sun, March 23rd 11-6pm
All mujer Mercado at First Street Studios, to include Mujeres de Maiz artists and veterana members. The Mercado will also house the HOLISTIC HEALTH workshops done by various women.
***Are Free with any purchase from Artist Vendor or Workshop Facilitator***

11:00: Doors Open
1:00-1:30- Spa Detox by Dr. Sanchez OMD, Acupuncture Plus
1:45-2:45-Natural Birth Control by Patricia Garcia
Panochas Poderosas by Patricia Garcia
Sexual empowerment and precise anatomic self- awareness
3:00-3:20- Moon Cycle Ceremonies by Dr. Elena Esparza, D.C, Just Breathe Healing
3:20-3:50- Herbal Baths by Dr. Elena Esparza, D.C, Just Breathe Healing
4:00-4:30-Dispelling the American Food Pyramid by Dr. Sanchez OMD Acupuncture Plus
4:45-5:45-Earth Medicine, Daisy Tonantzin, Yerberia Mayahuel
“Healing Through The Cultivation Of A Healthy Environment”
-Part 1 First St. Studios
Creating Spaces For Healing
-Part 2 Caracol Marketplace
Cultivating Herbs For Healing
End Time 6pm

First Street Studios
2026 E. First Street, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights), CA 90033

Artist talk/Platica Wed. March 26th
Artist talk/forum/platica on the theme of “somos medicina.”
Focus is on highlighting inter-generational women artists on the red road.

Music/Mujer Concert Sat. March 29th
Mujer Musica Concert showcasing women musicians/performer/rappers on one night at SHG.
With: Mystery Hangup, Cihuatl-Ce, Guerrilla Queenz, Eddika Organista of El Huru Kuroi, and more!

Closing Ceremony @ Caracol Marketplace/Jardin Sun. March 30th
Caracol Marketplace returns to its monthly home at Proyecto Jardin/Community Garden. A small closing ceremony honoring the Spring Equinox and all mujeres will take place.

At Proyecto Jardin

Painting by Margaret Alarcon

For More information:

Mujeres de Maiz WEBSITE

Mujeres de Maiz MYSPACE