Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Saturday: Conscious Youth Media Crew

Wzup everyone,

I wanted to invite yall to an art show/ fundraiser at Gallery One at
the Embarcadero in SF on Saturday August 12th that is being hosted by
HOMEY, the Counscious Youth Media Crew, and Huaxtec.

We will be highlighting art and photography inspired by and
contributing to the Immigrant Rights Movement. CYMC will be premiering
their summer documentaries and running a photo booth.

Art By:
Jesus Barraza
David Sanchez
Francisco Dominguez
Drama One
Lady Tragik
David Cruz
Kevin Chan
Henry Morales
Gaby Arvisu
y los HOMEYS

Please pass it on and come thru to support.
Much love

Friday, August 04, 2006

WOC Film Festival Notes

I got to Santa Cruz late last night for the MALCS and Women of Color film festival. The air here in the evening is just like I remember it, salty, misty but not too cold and full of memories: Late night beachside talks with friends, intense relationships, growth, radio shows and music intensity, aftershow happy hours, friends only a few minutes away, deep sorrow and regret, memories of friends who have parted this world, and of course recent memories of last years film festival filled with late night dancing and fun, inspiration films and filmmakers, and coming away with a renewed commitement to my art.
So here I am a year later and my own film, video, my baby pues...will be debuting at her first film fest...I'm so excited I can hardly think of anything else...

I was worried that I didnt bring enough clothes for the cooler weather since I have been loving the perfect to hot weather in the east bay this summer...puro sandals, light pants/skirts and cute tops...

I went to what is the third day of the MALCS conference today saw a couple of cool panels and then we broke for lunch...I slipped away back to my friends cute little house in the beach flats to work out some of the last minute kinks in my documentary "The Last Word" so I can hand it to the film festival folks ASAP so they can have a better copy for the showing on Sunday. Its pretty stressful to still be making last minute changes especially when some of the seemingly small changes end up messing up some other part like the sound or an extra space where there shouldnt be one.

I hope I didnt miss any last detail. Right now I am just waiting for my computer to export the video to a dvd and be done with it. If I have time tonight or tomorrow I will make a few extra copies to see if I can sell some. I wonder if $10 is a good price or if that is too expensive. I think I will see what happens and if somebody really wants it I will enact a sliding scale.

I hope Lakeisha and Rinchen can make it out on Sunday...until this thing finishes outputting...I wait.