Saturday, March 19, 2005

Welcome-About Me

I created this blog to announce events in the Bay Area, create a dialogue with like minded folks and to explore this meduim by doing it. Any suggestions for a newbie would be greatly appreciated. *Please feel free to comment or add to any posting by clicking on comment under each posting write what you like and click publish.

A little about me:
Grad student in Communications (cultural studies and documentary production).
Spoken Word Poet.
Journalism/Writing Teacher.
I do high school workshops about discrimination.
I love most things Media and am interested in how Latinos and people of color are using new media to communicate, express themselves and organize.
I am going to Brazil (Rio, Belo Horizonte)for the 1st time this summer to work on a video project with a non profit and will be going to Puerto Rico for the 1st time in March 2006. If you have any contacts or suggestions for places to go let me know. Did I mention I love to travel? I have no money but I save my pennies.
I would love to teach Latino Popular Culture or Documentary Production at a City College or High School.