Sunday, September 23, 2007

Adaptations and Celebrations

I've been rehearsing for the last few weeks with a beautiful crew of creatives put together by Eric Aviles who adapted "Puerto Rican Obituary" by Pedro Pietri to perform a this event today. (Wow was that ever a run on sentence.) This is the kind of collaboration I really love, solidarity with communities in resistance and talented folks who never knew how talented they could be in a different art form than what they are used to. Some in the group have never "acted" before but oh how we know that some of us just have the drama in us! It's really been a while since I worked with a director first of all who has given me the skills I need to feel prepared and supported to memorize lines. Usually I'm just berated because everyone is too busy to actually rehearse in a way that gets the memorizing done. Also it's nice to do someone's elses work once in a while cause I know I sometimes write in a way that sounds all complex and fancy on the page but really should be simplified so I can get the words out. I guess that's why I want to publish so I can see how the work stands alone without the personality on the stage.

At any rate if you get a chance check out our work at this event today. Yes I said today. Its not that cold. Go out and celebrate some independence. And if you get cold then just shake your booty cause you know its one of those kinds of events!

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