Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Your Help with My Media Justice Class

Hello my friends family,
I wanted to see if I could get your help. I am once again teaching a video arts class this time afterschool at UPA with Oakland Leaf in the Fruitvale with some beautiful and talented students. We are having are having a problem getting all the video cameras we need. Eventually we might even get a grant to buy some cameras but in the meantime I was hoping I could get your support in borrowing some cameras to use on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I was able to borrow some cameras over the summer and never had a problem; they were all returned safe and sound.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you, someone you know or an organization might have a camera we could borrow. If you happened to know of someone or an organization that was even interested in donating a camera or two since we are a not profit we could easily make it tax deductable for you.
We are in need of about 4 or more home video type cameras that use mini dv. (if you arent sure just give me call or I can take a look at the camera)

You would be an integral part in making our projects a success and of course I would be ever greatful. When we have the end of the year presentation you will be included in our acknowledgements and maybe in the credits if the projects come out ready! Also if you are interesting in volunteering Monday (3:30-6:30) and Wednesday(1:30-3:30) (if you are a youth I might be able to pay you a stipend!) let me know...

Any and all support you could offer is really much appreciated. No it would be more than appreciated. Really. Abrazos.
415-516-9686 Maya
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