Friday, May 05, 2006

Mujeres De Maiz-see me in print!

A poem of mine is in this Zine and is part of the exerpts on the website. How beautiful. Even though I have been performing this poem for a while its been a long time since I've published a poem. I will be working on a publication of my own this summer. Stay tuned.

After 8 years of hibernation...
Mujeres de Maiz Zine 2006
is ready to be printed!
We need your help to get started:

after months of planning and designing...
ZINE 2006
has become a beautiful 60 page booklet!
with over 20 poems,
and 20 full color pages of original works,
showcasing over 30 visual artists & poets,
Representing generations in a growing network of creative women of color,
pre-order to reserve
your copies today!
only $20 each!

A limited number will be printed so pre-order your copy soon!

$20 + postage & handling ($3.00) reserves your copy.
Follow the link below:

If you know any digital printers who are able to donate their services,
please let us know!

This is a VERY grassroots project!!!
With your donation we will be able to publish and continue to build our women's creative network into a
real-time community organization!
Thank you for your support!

Mujeres de Maiz- Los Angeles
Contact: Margaret Alarcon

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