Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm Going to BRAZIL

I know I should be excited. I think I am, I am just trying to finish up finals, grading papers and spring cleaning. I've just been in a blue mood and Im doing everything in my power to procrastinate. Stress does that to me. I dont want to go out of the house if I dont have to or if Im not forced to. And with this beautiful weather you would think I would go outside and not want to come back.

But yes BRASIL!! That will definately take away my blues. I will be too busy taking in the new surroundings not to love life. We are going to be working on a video project for a non-profit in Belo Horizonte. We will also be spending some time in Rio. I'm leaving on June 6 will be there a month and half, with an extra week just to travel by myself. I havent planned that part of the trip yet but I've got a guidebook and I figure while we are working on the project I will figure out what to do with that extra week. Im glad that the group I am going with is small. Im a little worried though cause some of those undergrads seem like they havent really traveled out of the US before and I am so over traveling with gringos who only want to party. Not that I dont want to have fun. It is close to impossible for me not to have fun. I love having adventures in new realities...yes I said reality. I love learning about someones day to day experiences. I'm just not into hanging out with other tourists.

I hope I will have internet access so I can post a little on what the experience is like. I hope I pick up Portuguese with my spanish speaking background. I think we will be taking lessons in the mornings. But of course they say the best way to learn a language is on the pillow. hmmm

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