Monday, May 30, 2005

The Countdown Begins

I went to the Mission SF Carnaval yesterday to get in the mood for Brazil. There won't be any Carnaval while I'm there but maybe some other visit in my future. I saw tons of people I havent seen in forever. Who knew that you could just kick it at a booth and see all kinds of beautiful familiar faces come to your neighborhood, finally! I took refuge in this booth most of the time cause large crowds are not my thing. I hung out with Rosa and Gina who were selling their beautiful hand made beaded jewlery (of course I already have two pairs) and Jerry was selling his T-shirts with his original art I actually came to the booth to look at the shirts and realized...well looky here, its the homies! And of course can't forget Xago looking shady in his shades and beautiful Susie surveying the scene, visiting home from LA.

I'm starting to pack and have been doing some research on the places I will be staying (I leave June 6th!) I will be in Rio the first week and then after that we will be in Belo Horizonte
(portuguese version here) working with the non profit Salo do Encontro (there used to be a site in english but I can't find it anymore, you'll get the idea though). I just found out that Belo Horizonte is the birthplace of Sepultura, (R will be so excited) and also the 3rd largest city in Brazil. It will be fall/ winter time there so I think that means the weather will be just right, but still a lot of humidity which is just how I like it. You know I have those tropical roots.

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