Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Report back from East LA and beyond

So I've decided to get over my resistance to writing on my blog and start to write in this more public forum once again. we'll see how it goes.

We had an amaaazing time in East Los/Boyle Heights and the always lovely Long Beach. So many beautiful people, so much talent and inspiration and so much support, my heart is full. I don't exactly know how I made it through with this horrible flu (my ears are still plugged up from the plane) and actually with all the remedies I was partaking of, ginger tea, nasal washes (don't knock it till you try it. its like getting water up your nose in the pool but so so helpful it rocked my world) throat lozenges, throat coat, zinc, vitamins, kambucha (thanks Leah!) and finally some advil, dayquil, or theraflu when it got really rough..., who knows what was real and what was delirium...I didn't get to talk with as many folks as I wished because my voice wasn't there but man did I realize what a little adrenaline can do to get you through. And the folks of CASA 0101 are the best!

On to the next one. This weekend we will be in San Jose at Teatro Vision opening up before House on Mango Street 7:30 sharp so don't be late and there are still a few slots for the workshop with LM3 on Saturday 2-4pm if you know any women who would like to take the workshop. What a great month! Looking forward to some down time to write write write, apply for grants and plan for next year. Abrazos thank you all for your support and feedback!

Friday, October 24- Las Manas Tres: The all mujer hybrid performance troupe Las Manas Tres come down to San José for a special set full of the flava, conciencia, humor and style that is their work. 7:30pm in the Teatro lobby.

Saturday, October 25- Creative Writing/Performance Workshop: Led by Las Manas Tres and inspired by the work of Sandra Cisneros, this workshop is open to women aged 11-25 and is free with attendance to any performance of La Casa en Mango Street. 2-4pm at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. To sign up, contact Carlos Velázquez by email

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