Wednesday, January 02, 2008

compassion, kindness, truth, awareness, clear perception of reality

I could not see before and am focusing my lenses on how letting go is not about complacency or giving up the fight for what is right it is actually a tool to be stronger and better equipped for all those things we believe in. Including ourselves.

Paraphrasing some lessions from readings(you know, those reflection-do-something different if the shit you do over and over isn't working-books) and meditations I'm working on:

Suffering is inherent in life
we create that suffering through our attachments and demands that things be different than they are.
We ease our sufffering when we cease our endless demands and accept the what is of life.
With complete acceptance of what is, and with seeing through all these superficial desires to the essence of all that is, we will live with peace and love.

"To a large degree suffering results from the turmoil we create when we demand that life be "fair" and not include obstacles, challenges or illness. Once we accept these aspects of life, we can more easily cope with them or seek solutions."

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