Friday, June 15, 2007

Immigration Bill

Action Alert: Give Your U.S. Representatives a Wake Up Call on CIR!

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Give your U.S. Representatives a wake up call!
Let them know that now is the time to get it right on immigration!!
Email your U.S. Representative now!

Last week the Senate effectively hit snooze on the immigration alarm when they voted against invoking cloture on debate of S. 1348. Whether or not they roll over and go back to sleep or wake up and face the music remains an open question. However, one thing is clear: it is not too late for the House to show leadership on this critical issue and propel the process forward. The House must not remain beholden to the Senate's dysfunction. It is time for the House to heed the demands of a large majority of Americans by passing comprehensive, workable immigration reform.

Send an email through Contact Congress and tell your Representative that the House must:

* Move legislation through "regular order" to ensure that the policy proposals are workable and exposed to public scrutiny, not grossly distorted by backroom political negotiations like the Senate's "grand bargain"

* Include the four key components of CIR in a workable final bill:
1. smart border and worksite enforcement
2. path to earned permanent residence for the undocumented
3. a new worker program to regulate our integrated North American labor market
4. reunification of families separated for years or decades by senseless backlogs

* Reject the four fatal flaws of the stalled Senate bill:
1. evisceration of the family-based green card categories;
2. replacement of our current employment-based immigration system with a radical, untested "merit-based" point system;
3. failure to recalibrate current green card levels to meet the demands of our economy at both ends of the skill spectrum
4. exclusion of new temporary workers from any path to permanent residence

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