Monday, March 26, 2007

Grad School gets Ugly:I told you watching TV was homework

So I finally got my exam questions.
These are THE questions.
The ones that will make me a Master in broadcasting electronic communication arts (phew writing that tile is exhausting. I think my degree will say radio and TV...)

So I have to write two papers about 10-20 ( I think) pages for the general question and 20-40 pages for the question that was designed specifically for me. Of course of the 5 general questions that I have to choose from, one is about UGLY BETTY. (That was nice of them. Cause you know Im Latina and all...)The other questions are so blah or generic in comparison. Except there is one about the first amendment, journalists "right" to protect their sources and the Scooter Libby trial. I just saw a really interesting documentary about that on Frontline.

The only reason I am looking at that one as a back up is because at one point my chair said that I shouldnt pick a question that was similar to what my "answers" would be to my individual question. Because the whole point of the exam is to show "breadth" cause its a "comprehensive" exam. But analyzing Betty could be fun except there are things that irritate me in that show. I guess thats what part of the analysis will be about.

General question:
So the Ugly Betty question has to do with analyzing an episode and speculating on the impact the show is having on the US viewing audience looking at two "demographically different" audiences drawing on two different audience-centered theoretical frameworks. (im sure some of that is supposed to be Girl Power! and yay for Latinos on TV. I mean as much as I enjoy it when I see a positive representation there is a bit of cheese factor to this show or is that Camp...hmm maybe I can work with that...)
At least one framework already comes to mind so that is another reason I am thinking of writing to this question. The only problem is that both questions deal with representation. But maybe I can make the arguement that they do so in different ways. This one for example is tv criticism and I will be analyzing one particular show as a text. (as opposed to writing everything about the entire central american community plus media representation...)

So the specialized question for me is: A non-profit organization has hired me to help them research aspects of central american diasporic identity in hopes of launching a media campaign aimed at giving voice to members of this cultural group. (isnt this kinda funny? whys it gotta be a non-profit? ha ha)

I have to define "central american diaspora" drawing on scholarly research (of course) and theories of cultural identity to support my definition. "What particular sorts of cultural struggles do members of this diaspora face, particularily in terms of questions of media and identity?" (oh lots! my peepos be all about struggle!)

thats just part one.

Part two is I have to analyze two documentaries and two web sites that "do a good job of giving voice to some diasporic or other underrepresented group." And basically discuss the possibilities for particular groups to carve out spaces for their identities within different technological and aesthetic frames....
damn thats a lotta work to do in the next 4 weeks...I can think of one of each but not two...
oh theres more
Part 3 (yeah of just one essay I have to write)
I have to write a proposal for a documentary and or new media project that would "help further the cause of the CA diaspora" I kid you not. That is the wording in the question. que viva la causa!

There's a ton more detail but you get the idea. It sorta feels like everything and the kitchen sink (did I get that saying right?) but I guess it will be fun. You know. Comprehensively fun. Fun in the way I get all stressed out cause I work so slowly and I stop eating real food, seeing sunlight or showering unless I have to-fun.

So it was nice knowing you. If you wanna have any discussions on any of these topics thats what I'll be doing. Otherwise see you in May. I'll be in my office. (the cafe or library closest to me.)

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Cecily said...

I don't know what's worse... an assignment about ugly betty or crying every week when watching it!!! I'll attempt to answer your questions in your next post, but I'm a bit snowed under with study myself at the moment! Maybe on the weekend? Is that in time for you?! :)