Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cameras and Oakland

Hey beautiful friends and family.
I'm very excited because I am finalizing a class I am going to teach for Oakland Leaf Peace and Justice camp for the summer but I need your help.

We are going to be analyzing media and doing our own mini documentaries about oakland. I have two video cameras but I was hoping to borrow one or two more. I am looking into possibly borrowing from an organization but so far that hasnt come through yet. Im wondering if any of you have a video camera (that uses mini dv) of any quality (we dont need a professional camera or anything just something that works has a battery, records sound and video...basic).

Also if you have a tripod or a microphone we could borrow that would be great too. We promise to take excellent care of your equipment if you are able to share it with these bright beautiful oakland youth. I would need the cameras and tripods by july 12th and would proably only use them for a week. Let me know if you have a camera or any suggestions.

I have most everything else I need but also if you have any cool videos or media literacy materials that you think I might be able to use please pass it along! We are also looking for some guest speakers for my class as well as for the whole camp from organizations that the youth might be interested in getting involved in.
I am also looking to borrow the documentary 'Outfoxed' if I dont find my own copy (packed up somewhere while I'm moving out, by accident).
I'm so excited because I am going to be combining some of my favorite things: filmmaking, our youth and Social Justice!!!!
Take care and thank you all for your love and support.

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Chapina said...

Thanks to KQED, Gina, Evan, Jackson and Lailan for letting us borrow their equipment! It has been an amazing ride!