Friday, June 02, 2006

La Cabrona's Tips for Writers Block

My semester is finally over and I was able to get a lot of work done finally
after I chained myself to my laptop and stopped communitcating to the outside world.
Someday I hope to become more healthy in my work habits.
Every day I work on it. But here's what I did, a "no nonsense" guide with a lot of nonsense that depending on your style might work for you.

Don't get out of bed.
Sleep with your computer.
Clean your entire house.
Go to a cafe all day.
Forget to eat.
Go to a cafe without wireless.
Wear headphones so people dont try to talk to you.
Play some music that doesnt distract you too much.
Doubt your abilities.
Tell yourself that you dont give a fuck.
Stop doing house chores.
Ignore your friends phone calls.
Get off the mother fucking myspace and stop checking
Print out what you have written so far and try reading
it from another perspective (maybe give it to someone
who will give you actual feedback instead of "it looks
Talk out your ideas.
Ignore the suggestions that you might want to read this or that
(cause bitch I aint got time) and write down suggestions for future research.
Connect a mouse and ergonomic keyboard to your laptop so your wrists will stop hurting from writing in bed.
Convince someone to feed you.
Outline what you want to say.
Write Crap.
Reread your notes.
Be thankful that now you can barely think you wrote notes on things you read.
Make Cute headings.
Tell yourself you are an unrecognized/misunderstood
Quit being a bitch about it and get it done.
Repeat and Rinse.

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