Saturday, September 03, 2005

: Minute-Men to arrive at the Mexican Heritage Plaza on September

This looks crazy.

Subject: Minute-Men to arrive at the Mexican Heritage Plaza on September
Importance: High

By the way, below is a description of the event and more information can be
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In Solidarity,

Lucy Hernandez

Community Organizer

Comité César Chávez

The Minutemen: Controversy Over Policing the U.S.-Mexico Border

Sponsored by the Commonwealth Club of California and the Mexican Heritage

Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater, 1700 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose, CA
September 16, 2005, 11:30 a.m. (Registration), 12:00 p.m. (Program)

* Chris Simcox, Organizer, The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
* Art Torres, Chairman, California Democratic Party
* Michael Deleon, Minuteman Volunteer
* Marcela Medina, General Manager, Univision 14 KDTV - Moderator

DETAILS: The Minuteman Project, which has deployed hundreds of armed
volunteers in Arizona for a border watch, is currently enlisting volunteers
to patrol the New Mexico, Texas and California borders this fall. Simcox,
founder of the Minutemen, will explain their approach to border security.
Panelists will discuss the wisdom of having citizen patrols operating on the
U.S. side of the Mexican border to stem the tide of illegal immigration.
They will debate the tactics used by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, the
need to protect the civil rights of immigrants, the issues around safety of
the volunteers and others, how we might improve the performance of the
Border Patrol and new ideas for restraining illegal immigration, such as the
Bush administration's proposed temporary worker-visa program. This forum is
part of the 'Salon de Mexico' series co-sponsored by San Jose's Mexican
Heritage Plaza, bringing influential speakers to the Bay Area to discuss the
leading issues affecting the Latino community today.

COST: $8 for Club/Mexican Heritage Plaza Members, $15 for Non-members, free
for Students

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